Posted by: M.A. | September 5, 2007

The Republic of Nothing (Third Edition)

The Republic of Nothingby Lesley Choyce

Like all great fiction, The Republic of Nothing speaks for all time. And like all great dramatists, Lesley Choyce can build a stage on Whalebone Island and bring the whole world to it.

— Neil Peart

A small island off the coast of Nova Scotia declares its independence to the world. In this Utopian world, the ocean delivers many a curiosity, including a dead circus elephant and a raven-haired woman. When the turbulence of the 1960s draws the island’s inhabitants into politics, the Vietnam War, and the peace movement, and when civilizatino lays siege, an unexpected character comes to the rescue.

Sound impossible? Not on Whalebone Island, a.k.a. the Republic of Nothing. Where else could a psychic castaway, an anarchist-turned-politician, and American refugees cultivate their eccentricities? This new edition of Lesley Choyce’s celebrated novel features an afterword by Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, leading readers to discover once again that nothing is everything.

The Republic of Nothing is published by Goose Lane.

Available through online bookstores.



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