Posted by: M.A. | September 6, 2007

Personal Notes

Favourite book when young: Journey to The Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne
Favourite book now: unknown
Career : I avoided one. To busy myself, I write novels and autobiographical books, host a TV show, teach part time at a university, run a publishing company, surf, freelance TV and radio work, perform and record alternative music and raise spinach.
Pets: an old dog named Jodi, four pigeons, an Australian dove, a grackle and a blue jay. Used to have a goat and a telepathic raven as well as a one-winged seagull. No kidding.
Room: Overlooking the ocean on a hillside at Lawrencetown Beach
Spare time: surf, hike, play electric guitar with heavy distortion, imagine, travel, imagine some more.
As a kid: skinny, smart but not very cool, daydreamed a lot and made Tarzan swings, river rafts and tree forts.
My first book: publisher thought it wasn’t all that good but I should be encouraged. Skinny little book of poetry called Reinventing the Wheel ten years in the making. Kinda immature but full of insight.
Ideas: everything and anything. What makes me happy, what makes me scared. Bang, an idea arrives in the middle of the night.
Influences: waves, Nova Scotia, trees, dragonflies, kids, skateboarders, dogs, eccentric people, Canada, ice, music, books and dragonflies
How I work: I don’t work, never have. Mostly I just have fun and make stuff up.
Something I don’t really approve of: shoes.
Tips: Do it. Forget about money and live. Make up your own life as it goes along. Don’t let television or anybody do it for you.
My favourite book (of mine): Republic of Nothing


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