Posted by: M.A. | September 6, 2007

Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility Choyce has impeccable pacing, a flare for the lyrical … Sylvie makes a great anchor for this sea yarn.

–Globe and Mail, August 02, 2003

For Sylvie, Ragged Island – and the whales who swam around it – is the only world she has ever known. It is the place where she was born and raised, where she lived with her four late husbands, and where she plans to live out her remaining years. It is also the home to a community whose love for the island is immense. But when the Nova Scotia government decides to shut down the ferry service that is the lifeblood of Ragged Island, the residents see their world beginning to disappear. Sea of Tranquility is the lyrical and moving story of an island struggling to survive. Lesley Choyce’s seventh novel, it contains the elements for which the author is known: engaging characters, page-turning storyline, and uproarious humour. Choyce is in top form.

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