Radio, TV, Film and Video credits:

An Island to Stand On. 5 part radio drama: national CBC show Morningside. (script writer)
The Halifax Solution. Halifax: Pottersfield Productions. Documentary. (writer, performer)
Choyce Words. Halifax: Channel Ten/ PBS Maine/ Vision TV. (writer, host of 300 shows)
Off The Page. Halifax/Toronto: Vision TV; also airing on Book TV, Canadian Learning Television and ASN. (writer, co-producer, host for three seasons)
The Skunk Whisperer. Half hour docudrama. Co-production of Pottersfield Productions. (script writer, co-director with Lulu Keating). Aired on CBC-TV, CTV, Animal Planet.
Dead Surf Poet Society. Half Hour docudrama. Pottersfield Productions. (writer, director).
Music videos: “Traction,” “Long Lost Planet,” “Beautiful Sadness,” “Twelve More Miles to Runaway Bay.”


Long Lost Planet

Twelve more miles to Run-Away Bay

Beautiful Sadness


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